The Lure of the Sea--Boat in Arctic waters

You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve ready more than a few of my books, that I seem to have a love of the sea–a love of water and water Fae, and water witches (just look at Fata Morgana from Bewitching Bedlam). It’s something that seems in-born within me. I thrive on shows like the Deadliest Catch, I have this slight reverence for fishermen out on the crabbing boats, I love movies like The Perfect Storm, and I am my happiest when I can hear the roar of ocean waves. My sound machine for white noise is set to crashing ocean breakers.

mermaid in the wavesI can’t live away from the coast–I have an actual phobia of going inland too far from the coast and the few times I traveled to land-locked conferences, it took me a lot of strength to avoid the panic of feeling like “I couldn’t escape”…because when I first came over from eastern Washington to the western WA. coast–within weeks, I knew I could never live away from the coast again. I truly found myself feeling like I could ‘escape’ if need be. I think it’s probably some past-life experience peering through.

While I work magick with all elements, the water calls to me, and while the Fae I work with aren’t mermaids or water fae per se, I still feel the lure of the sirens and the call of the undines. The song of the sea lulls me. I can ‘feel’ the energy of hurricanes from the other side of the continent.

My ex-girlfriend and I (we were also magickal partners) used to drive to the ocean at night and yes, we were stupid, but we’d play chicken with the waves in the dark. We’d stand on the edge of the shore in the dark, listening to the waves, steadying ourselves with our walking sticks as the waves rolled in toward us–we couldn’t see them. Couldn’t see how strong they were, but the ocean had called us to come and play, and we answered. We’d go wading in the bay at night, sneaking into the state park and running through the woods down to the bay to play in the water and drape ourselves with the seaweed. Once we saw the phosphorescent algae come in on the waves and it was like wading through the stars. (Disclaimer: do NOT do that–it was stupid and dangerous, so please, don’t put your life in danger that way).

Is it any wonder that water, water Fae, and water witches feature heavily in my books?  So, do you love water? Or are you afraid of it? Do you have a special connection with it?


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Love of the Sea
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5 thoughts on “Love of the Sea

  • 09/14/2022 at 9:05 am

    When I was very little we went to visit my father’s mother at the New Jersey sea shore….and got washed and tumbled by a wave. I was a very little child. Never wanted to get in deeper than ankle deep ever since. Like the sound. But I actually love the mountains and creeks in WV (where my mother was raised). I do have to go to the mountains at least once a year, sometimes 2x but only as far as Chattanooga area. Do like the sound of the ocean…just don’t get too deep! 😉

  • 09/13/2022 at 4:07 pm

    I was born in Florida and we spent so much time at the beach. I, along with my sisters, knew we were connected to the ocean. When I was a young child, our family moved to Texas – but even there, we were still close to the gulf. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I became landlocked. I always thought I would end up living close to the ocean at some point. John & I actually planned to retire on the West Coast. But – things changed. Fortunately I live in a state that has lots of water and we now live very close to a large creek that feeds a river. Oh yeah, and a couple of years ago, we did buy a place in Hawaii and we will be splitting our time between here and there.
    I feel that I am drawn to the ocean and am connected, but it may be more of a general water thing as I also feel connected to non salt water like lakes and rivers. I think I’m more drawn to creeks and rivers than lakes. Kind of a ramble.

  • 09/13/2022 at 3:44 pm

    I’m connected more to fresh water. My history is going to lakes to tred water (I really don’t swim). My Uncle used to have a house on the James River, and we stayed there more than once. He used to take us upriver so we could inner tube down to where his house was. There’s a creek across the street from us, but I haven’t been down to it in years. (The land over there is owned by people now. Back when we first moved into our house, the land and path to the creek weren’t owned by anyone.) My sound machine is set to Mountain Stream. I even feel peaceful in a swimming pool.

  • 09/13/2022 at 3:02 pm

    I’ve always loved water, and find it to be one of the peaceful sounds.
    My preference is lakes and non-salt water, like creeks, brooks, etc.
    No wonder that my favorite get away is a lake front cabin owned by friends in Maine.
    I always sleep on the screened in porch about 100 yards away from the lake. Nothing quite like falling asleep to waves lapping against the shore, and loons calling.
    I also love storms, and standing in rain makes me feel cleansed.
    Brightest Blessings!✨✨

  • 09/13/2022 at 11:48 am

    I changed my last name several years ago. My new last name means ‘ocean.’ The connection I feel with the ocean is that of a granddaughter with a beloved grandmother. My grandmother is strong and wise. She withholds nothing from me because she thinks I’m weak. No, she tells me, demands I learn and grow. And she calls to me when I am too far from her.


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