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And now, I introduce Richard Ruffards. Yes, he looks just like Robert (or Robert looks just like Richard, depending on who you ask). They are twins, and don’t get along that well.

On his computer screen (actually, that’s MY computer screen), are three incorrect math equations. The first two are obvious, with the third referring to this web reference. Yeah, I’m a bit of a math geek.

Again, I’m trying to edge into drawing muscles. Once I get more comfortable with this, I may get into shading.

Let me know what you think.

Comic Characters

Richard Ruffards

Comic Transcripts

Panel one, There is an empty room with a window with a tree outside. The room has a couch to one side, and a card catalog cabinet to the other side. (UD stands for Ubiquitous Dialog Box). There are two UD in the panel one. One says:

Name: Richard Ruffards
Age: 23
Height: 180 cms
Education: Majored in Computer Science
Species: Doberman
Job: Computer Programmer at Computer Fur
Personal Quote: Brains and Muscles! Yeah!

The second UD says “Meet Richard Ruffards. He’s Robert’s twin brother, and works at… uh…”

Panel Two, Richard is sitting in a chair, facing the computer desk, the laptop. The office contains a big desk with a computer and monitor. On the wall is a hand drawn picture of a lion with the word Roar above it. It looks like a kid drew the picture. On the computer screen are four items. The first item is “One plus one equals three.” The second item is “Two times four equals six.” The third item is Euler’s Identity formula, except it equals one. The fourth item is a frowny face. The UD says “Richard, we’re supposed to be doing your introduction now!” Richard says “No can do, I’ve got to get this fixed by tomorrow.”
Panel Three, The UD says “But we scheduled this a week ago!” Still facing the computer, Richard says “And the latest code check-ins broke the build, I’ve got to fix it.”
Panel Four, The UD says “But Richard…” Richard now faces the audience and says “Have you heard of the saying ‘Don’t quit your day job’? Well, I didn’t.”

Roar - Introducing Richard Ruffards Transcript
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Introducing Richard Ruffards

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