Robert and his brother don’t get along

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I’m introducing Robert’s twin brother, Richard Ruffards. Needless to say, they don’t get along that well. Next comic I’ll formally introduce him. Even though they are twins (except for the glasses), the two of them are very different. I plan

Introducing Richard Ruffards

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And now, I introduce Richard Ruffards. Yes, he looks just like Robert (or Robert looks just like Richard, depending on who you ask). They are twins, and don’t get along that well. On his computer screen (actually, that’s MY computer

Richard vs Robert again

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Once again, we see Robert and Richard not getting along that well. Eh, they both have their moments and downfalls. I tried to draw Steven Stripes a bit better, I think I succeeded. Let me know what you think.

Richard and Tina meet for their monthly meeting

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Apparently Richard’s job isn’t that great, as he consoles with Tina Growly, who also doesn’t that that great of a job. Eh, it pays the bills. I’m sure EVERYONE can relate. I created a new setting, StarFox coffee shop. I

Steven reassures Michael at StarFox

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Don’t worry folks, Steven is a good friend to these furs. Tune in next time to find out what he has planned. Let me know what you think.

Scheduled to Dance

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Yes, the characters will dance at La Furry Royal. Eh, why not. And yes, Steven likes Robert. Let me know what you think.

Stage Names

A discussion of stage names ensues. And NO, I do NOT lack creativity on names, Steven! Geesh!

Richard’s Stage Name

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I wonder what stage name Richard doesn’t like? Let’s see, Robert’s stage name is Big Bob, with Bob being short for Robert. Therefore, Richard’s stage name might be Big (Fill-in-name-short-for-Richard). Let me know what you think.

Big Rich doesn’t do too well

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As I always say, The greatness of a story is in direct proportion to how much a story-creator hates the characters. I don’t hate Richard, but I want the story to be great. Also, Happy Naked Fur Day. Let me