Vlog: 5 Magickal Mistakes NOT to Make

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Litha: A Summer Siren Bathing Spell

Mermaid on a rock overlooking the ocean

Summer Solstice–or Litha, as we call it in the Craft–is coming. When I think of summer, I think of the beach. And I think of water and frogs and the ocean, and cleansing rituals. So here’s a summer-siren’s cleansing ritual

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April New Moon

Moon Phases

The new moon this week will be at 7:25 PM, April 22, on the west coast. (10:25 on the east coast). The moon will shift over to Taurus, out of Aries, nine minutes after it goes new. So your focus

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The Nature of Litha

The Wheel of the Year--Litha

Litha — the summer solstice — falls on June 21st this year. The exact time is at 8:54 AM, PDT. The summer solstice means different things to different pagans, and all of these traditions can be right. In my tradition,

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Magick: The Faerie Moon

the Faerie Moon

Tomorrow will be the full moon. While there are a number of naming systems for the different moons, I always preferred calling the June full moon the Faerie Moon. We’re close to the summer solstice, only a few days away,

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