Welcome to Starlight Hollow, a small town on Hood Canal, Washington, where dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become reality.

Faron’s been in an induced coma for over a month and the doctors don’t know when—or if—they’ll be able to bring him out of it. Devastated, I turn to my work, but someone is intent on destroying my business, and me along with it. Fancypants suggests that I ask May for help, and Bran overhears.

Bran offers to help, and as we attempt to unravel the mystery of who’s out to get me, he also offers me emotional comfort that quickly sparks into passion—a passion that’s been lurking beneath the surface since we first met. Too late, I realized that I’m falling in love with two men, one who may never wake up, and the other who’s all too accessible. But can Bran keep me safe from my mystery nemesis? And will I be able to decide what to do about the two men in my life?

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Starlight Demons