Book Cover: Starlight Hollow
Part of the Starlight Hollow series:

Welcome to Starlight Hollow, a small town on Hood Canal, Washington, where dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become reality.

My name is Elphyra Woodbriar, and I was born into a lineage of Witches from thousands of years back.

The women of my family have always been guardians on the Steppe of Magic--the place where magic and the world collide. We guard over towns and villages, we're found in cities and the country, and each of us is charged with keeping the monsters at bay--using any means needed. Most of us have a few close friends from both humans and Otherkin, and they help us shield the world against the chaos that lurks in the shadows. But sometimes, the monsters get through, and that's where I come in--protecting Starlight Hollow with my magic and my wits. Meanwhile, together with Fancypants--my dragonette--and my circle of friends, I muddle through life, love, and danger, as best as I can.

Starlight Hollow has a new resident--Faron Collinsworth, the King of the Olympic Wolf Pack has moved in, along with a few of his subjects. I can't stand his arrogant smirks. Not only is it bad enough that they've moved into my territory--wolf-shifters and witches don't get along well--and that we're instantly at odds, but within days, members of the community start dying, murdered. All signs point to one of Faron's Pack as being the culprit. Now, the Wolf King and I must work together to find out who's committing the murders before someone else ends up dead, and we'd better find the murderer before we end up killing each other.

Heat Level: Expected to be spicy/explicit

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Starlight Hollow

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  • 04/19/2023 at 8:40 am

    If you keep writing all these great books, I’m gonna go broke! ❤️


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