Welcome to Starlight Hollow, a small town on Hood Canal, Washington, where dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become reality.

My name is Elphyra MacPherson, and I was born into a lineage of witches from thousands of years back. The women of my family have always lived between the worlds, our blood as full of magic as our souls are. Born from Scottish descent, we guard over towns and villages. We’re found in cities and the country, and each of us is charged with keeping the monsters and the storms at bay—using any means needed.

After tragedy invades my life, I move to Starlight Hollow, a little town near Gig Harbor, where I find new friends and Fancypants—a dragonette. Together with him and my circle of friends, I muddle through life, love, and danger, as best as I can.

But when I’m approached by Darla, a woman who’s dealing with a demonic presence haunting her house, my life begins to change. Not only am I facing danger from the spirit world, but I also face another challenge when Faron Collinsworth, the King of the Olympic Wolf Pack, approaches me.

We’ve already had two bad encounters, but now he wants my help. Members of the community are being murdered and the sheriff thinks one of the Wolf King’s Pack is to blame. Even as I try to eradicate the demons at the hell house, Faron asks me to exonerate his lieutenant. But that may not be possible, and as the killer digs deep, I must focus on what I’m able to do, as opposed to what I wish I could do.

But will Faron and I find out the truth before we end up killing each other?

Heat Level: Expected to be spicy/explicit

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Starlight Hollow