Welcome to Starlight Hollow, a small town on Hood Canal, Washington, where dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become reality.

I’m Elphyra, the Witch of the Wild. I live in Starlight Hollow, a magical small town on the west side of Hood Canal, Washington. The town is filled with people who need magical help and advice, some tea, or a shoulder to confide in. They come to me, and I do what I can to help them and to protect the town.

Bree, my best friend, has started to notice a strange energy. She feels like she’s being watched. We discover an old graveyard near her house and the trouble seems to be emanating from there. At first I think it’s a ghost, but then we discover it’s something far more dangerous—a force that brings up a past that both Bree and I forgot.

I’m going to need help, so I call on Faron Collinsworth, the King of the Olympic Wolf Pack. Faron’s one of the only people who can help me go up against the stalker trying to destroy my best friend. Unfortunately, our attempts to save Bree lands us on the stalker’s hit list, and now our lives are in danger, as well.

Heat Level:  spicy/explicit

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Starlight Dreams