It's a new year, and Killian and I are finally married. Ari's salon, in my old house, is nearly finished. My ERS is still plaguing me, but my doctor has found the right mixture of herbs to neutralize as many of the symptoms as possible.

At work, we're following up on some UFO reports from around the area, though I have no intentions on becoming a guinea pig in an alien's medical laboratory. And during my birthday, I'm given a gift from an unknown source. An antique mirror, that I remember from somewhere--but I'm not sure. The  mirror is harboring a portal into a nightmare carnival of a world, where ghosts are the least of the problems. An unwelcome spirit from my past is there, and he's determined to break through and make my life a living hell. We have to stop him before he escapes from the mirror and this time--manages to kill me.

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