Vlog: June 2022’s Faerie Moon & Litha Update

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The Holly Moon

full moon under the night winter sky

The Full Moon this month will be on December 18th, 8:35 PM Pacific Time, in Gemini. The Holly Moon, as my tradition calls December’s full moon, helps bring the calendar year to a end. It’s the last gasp moon, and

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Playing My Handpan


About seven or eight years ago I saw this video: I fell in love with the instrument. I spent about a year trying to find out what kind of instrument it was and was really wanting to buy one. I

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Harvest Moon

Harvest moon surrounded by autumn leaves

September: Harvest Moon During September, we celebrate the second harvest–Mabon, and we rejoice in all we have gathered to us this year, through our hard work and perseverance. So this month, our Esbat will focus on celebration and sharing. As

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Magick: Common Sense Ritual Preparations

Interview With Me

Note: I wrote this almost 20 years ago for a datebook and have the rights back, and it seems as pertinent today as it did then. When setting out to prepare for a magical ritual, there are several caveats best

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