cover of Midnight Web
Part of the Moonshadow Bay series:

Be careful what you wish for...

January Jaxson's settling into her life in Moonshadow Bay, and her new relationship with wolf-shifter Killian O'Connell. Her job with Conjure Ink is proving both fascinating as well as dangerous. But little does January realize that she's about to let the actual genie out of the proverbial bottle.

When she bought an old bottle in a thrift shop, January didn't expect to be purchasing an additional guest for her home. Now, with a distraught, drunken djinn on her hands, she finds herself promising to untangle an long-lost love story for her unexpected houseguest.

At the same time, she's thrown into one of the spookiest hauntings she's ever experienced when a local restaurant suddenly falls prey to a ghost seeking revenge. Will she be able to get rid of her houseguest and keep the ghost from killing his target, or will this job prove too much for January as she faces the big 4-1?

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Midnight Web