It's December, two years since I returned to Moonshadow Bay, and I'm about to marry Killian on the Winter Solstice. In the past two years, I've fought ghosts and urban legends, and each time I've come out triumphant. Now, with the curse on the women of my family lifted, I can look forward to a long life doing what I love most, with the people I love best. And our work at Conjure Ink has been thankfully quiet.

But a new threat arises to threaten not only the town, but the region.

The Covenant of Chaos has been growing in strength, and their new leader--Mill McFarland--moves to town. The Court Magika charges the Crystal Cauldon with invoking a protector for Moonshadow Bay. But we find ourselves facing yet another problem that could prove deadly when one of our members falls under Mill's spell. Now we must not only find a way to protect the town, but to rescue our friend and coven-mate from the Covenant of Chaos. All in the weeks leading up to my wedding!

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