Spiders aren't the only creatures weaving dangerous webs...

Overall, summer was good. Killian and I are happy, I love my job, and I've settled nicely back into Moonshadow Bay. But once I decide to renovate the house, all that happy-happy joy-joy comes to a screeching halt.

The workmen uncover a hidden door that I had long forgotten about. Obviously, my parents boarded it up for a reason, and I find out why all too quickly as a poltergeist takes up residence. A poltergeist who turns out to be a dangerous ghost. As I attempt to cope with my astral visitor, a new curve ball enters the field--a skeleton shows up from my parents' past--literally!

Swamped by ghostly waters on the home front, work also takes a deadly turn. Our new client at Conjure Ink is killed by the Whatcom County Devil, a deadly urban legend come to life. And now--the Devil seems to have his eye on me! If I manage to survive ghosts and ghouls and devils (oh my!), I'm going to need one hell of a vacation.


Reading Order of the Series:


1. Starlight Web: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
2. Midnight Web: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
3. Conjure Web: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
4. Harvest Web: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
5. Shadow Web: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (forthcoming)

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Reviews:Jennifer on FunkNFiction.com wrote:

"Yasmine Galenorn has written some of my favorite characters, and created some of my favorite paranormal worlds. No matter which series I'm reading (and there are many to choose from), I know I'm going to get something interesting, often funny, and always captivating."

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Harvest Web