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AUGUST 9, 2018







Light and Dark Fae are both dying, caught in the grip of a plague that threatens to sweep through both courts. The deadly disease is spreading, and no one can pinpoint the origins, nor can an antidote be formulated until the details of the contagion are understood. As Cernunnos sets Ferosyn—his best healer—on the task, he also instructs the Wild Hunt to take on the investigation.

Now, Ember and Herne must race against time, seeking an answer before both Fae courts are decimated. Their search leads them deep into the mountains, to a hidden burial site where they discover a terrifying secret that could mean the extinction of the entire Fae race.


Fury's Mantle Cover

Preorder FURY’S MANTLE–Fury’s 5th book! KINDLE  |  NOOK  |  KOBO  |  iBOOKS  RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 29, 2018

The second arc of the Fury Unbound Series begins eight years after Tam and Fury’s wedding:

In the wake of the second World Shift, Tam and I have spent eight years building UnderBarrow and Willow Wood into a thriving community. We’ve created an oasis of civilization, a safe haven in the vast sea of chaos left after Seattle fell. But as we settle into our new life, a terrifying danger is rising…

Travelers through our territory are being attacked, viciously savaged and taken for food. There are no survivors and no witnesses, but rumors begin to circulate. One of the old gods has returned with a taste for blood. When the Frostlings report that lycanthropes are gathering under a strange banner, we know we’re in trouble. Whoever is at their helm is proving a ruthless, deadly enemy. As the attacks close in on Willow Wood, Hecate warns me that if we can’t stop them, all we’ve worked so hard to build will be destroyed.


Casting Curses

Preorder CASTING CURSES–Maddy’s 5th book!! KINDLE  | NOOK  |  KOBO  |  iBOOKS  RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

A November windstorm smashes through the roof of the Bewitching Bedlam, and the damage exposes a hidden room containing a dark secret. An ancient force has been unleashed, and a curse is endangering everyone who Maddy loves, and everything she’s worked for. With her loved ones in danger, Maddy must undergo an arcane ritual in order to lift the curse and exorcise the angry spirit. But, her magic is on the fritz, and without the use of her powers, will Maddy be able to face Ereshkigal, the goddess of the Underworld, and survive?




The Wish Factor coverYou can also preorder THE WISH FACTOR, Bubba’s origin story (a short story). KINDLENOOK  |  KOBO  |  iBOOKS   RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

When the baby cjinn, Younger Son, attempts to find his name, he ends up in a world he did not expect, filled with dangers he never dreamed of.  (Bubba’s origin story). This is a short story–taking place when Maddy was young.








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Indigo Court Covers

YES! The Indigo Court has returned to e-format. I now have the rights back to all the books, and have given them new covers and yet a new editing job to eliminate a few minor conflicts that were in the books. As to whether there will be new books in the series? That depends on sales, because yes, I’d like to eventually write more in this world again.

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I write mostly urban fantasy (UF) and paranormal romance (PNR). I DO have a huge backlist, but to get you started, I recommend you start with the following:

If you love urban fantasy: Start with THE SILVER STAG, it’s the first book in my new urban fantasy series, the Wild Hunt Series. Heat level: there will probably be explicit sex as this series goes along, but it’s more focused on the UF than the PNR side.

If you love paranormal romance/mystery: Start with BLOOD MUSIC & BEWITCHING BEDLAM, the first novella and book in my Bewitching Bedlam Series. BLOOD MUSIC is the prequel, but you can dive right into BEWITCHING BEDLAM without reading it. Heat level is hot–explicit sex, but it’s not the main focus.

If you love futuristic/post-apocalyptic UF/PRN, start with FURY RISING, the first book in my Fury Unbound series. There is explicit sex in this series, but again, it’s not the main focus.

If you love dark, gritty, and hot, start with NIGHT MYST, the first book in my Indigo Court Series. Explicit sex and dark situations.

And, if you love cozy paranormal mysteries, you’ll want to try GHOST OF A CHANCE, the first book in my Chintz ‘n China series. That series is finished, and all wrapped up, with five books and a novella in it. Heat level in the series is very mild. Paranormal level is high. I call them ‘cozies with teeth!’