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And your last excerpt before release day!!!

I woke to find a dozen roses arranged in a vase by my bed, along with a box of chocolates and a handwritten note that said, “I love you.” Stretching, I blinked as a ray of sunlight splashed through the French doors to wash across my bed.

“What time is it?” I glanced down at Bubba, who was licking one paw. He rolled over on his back, exposing his belly as he let out a rumbling purr. “No, I am not rubbing your belly. But you look like you’ve been fed. Did Aegis feed you, Bub?”

“Purp.” The trilling purr rumbled through his meow.

“He did? Good. I assume he went to bed.” One look at the sunbeam and I changed that to, “I hope he went to bed.”

Mrow,” Bubba answered in the affirmative.

“Good.” My irritation from the evening before had evaporated. I loved the gloom and rain of the area, but the sun was a welcome sight for a change. I slid from beneath the covers and padded into the bathroom for a shower. This time, I locked the bathroom door.

After I was steamy-clean and smelling like peppermint, I dressed in a pair of comfortable black jeans that didn’t over-squeeze my ample butt and thighs, and a plum V-neck sweater. I fastened a black leather belt around my waist and slipped into a pair of black suede slouch boots. They were flat, for the most part, with good traction, and they came up to mid-calf over my jeans. With side zippers, they allowed me to pull them easily off and on.

As I clattered downstairs, humming to myself, I decided that before I had breakfast, I’d go out and pick up the paper. The paper boy always left it in the yard rather than shooting for the porch. I thought it had something to do with him being afraid of Aegis, but given vampires slept in the daylight, it might have just been laziness.

“Bubba, I’m going to grab the paper. I’ll be right back.”

“Mrow.” Bubba was lounging in a sunbeam, lazily batting a catnip toy. I wasn’t sure how old Bubba was—we had met around seventy-five years back—but he seemed content to mostly act like a cat.

I opened the sliding door that led from the kitchen out to the patio. As I stepped out into the cold, crystalline morning, scanning around for the paper, I realized there was something out there in the yard, near the back fence. I couldn’t quite make out what it was, so began to wade through the fresh snow until I reached a point where I could see clearly. There, frozen and surrounded with a stain of red frozen ice, lay Rose, dead as could be.



Blood Music   (Bewitching Bedlam #1—prequel novelette)
Holiday Spirits  (Chintz ‘n China holiday novella—wrap up of series)
Fury’s Magic  (Fury Unbound #2)
Fury Rising  (Fury Unbound #1)
Shadow Silence (Whisper Hollow #2)

You can preorder Souljacker

Coming late this month: Bewitching Bedlam (Bewitching Bedlam #2 –first full novel)
Coming in late April: Moon Shimmers (Otherworld #19)

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Bewitching Bedlam Excerpt

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  • 01/26/2017 at 10:53 am

    I’m counting the days down, till Bewitching Bedlam is released.. I’m completely loving this series so far.


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