Time has moved on in Chiqetaw. Seven years have passed since we last saw Emerald and her family, and life has changed. Emerald is now 45, and Joe is 35. While Chiqetaw remains a quirky little town, the Chintz ‘n China Tea Shop is now an internet café. Miranda’s a graduate student and Kip’s just graduated high school. Emerald and Joe have settled into a new normal after an accident has completely altered their life together. Though the ghosts have been plentiful and always present, all has been quiet on the mystery front.

But when they visit Harlow and James’s new home up near Mount Baker, Emerald literally stumbles over an old well that leads her into an old mystery surrounding the tragic death of a child. A strange and dangerous creature near the area may have been involved with the death, and now she fears that if it’s not destroyed, Harlow, James, and their daughter Eileen will be in danger of history repeating itself.

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Well of Secrets