Time has moved on in Chiqetaw. Seven years has passed since we last saw Emerald and her family, and life has changed. Emerald is now 45, and Joe is 35. While Chiqetaw remains a quirky little town, the Chintz 'n China is now an internet café. Miranda's in college and Kip's ready to graduate high school. Emerald and Joe have tried to conceive but were unable to and so they've settled into their life together. Though the ghosts have been plentiful and always present, all has been quiet on the mystery front.

But now, their lovely bubble is shattered when an accident completely alters Emerald and Joe's lives forever, and they have to adapt everything to their "new normal." When they visit friends up near Mount Baker to figure out what they're going to do next, Emerald literally stumbles over an old well that leads her into an old mystery surrounding the tragic death of a child. As Emerald delves into the case, she finds herself met by resistance--from both the mundane and the spirit world. And when she gets to close to an answer, a force from the past moves in to stop her, and to permanently put an end to anybody ever finding out the truth.

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Well of Secrets