Everything is in turmoil as Herne and Ember struggle to keep up with the collateral damage caused by the war against Typhon. But now, an old enemy reappears--stronger and more dangerous than before. Once again, the Hippocampi call for the Wild Hunt's help. Not only has Straff, the son of Blackthorn, returned to his old haunts, but several teens have gone missing from the Foam Born Encampment. Herne and Ember tread a delicate balance, searching both for the kidnapper, and the psychotic Ante-Fae. But when Ember makes a misstep, she falls into the hands of the King of Thorns. Will she be able to escape before he takes out his revenge on her?


Reading Order for the Wild Hunt Series:

Book 1: The Silver Stag

Book 2: Oak & Thorns

Book 3: Iron Bones

Book 4: A Shadow of Crows

Book 5: The Hallowed Hunt

Book 6: The Silver Mist

Book 7: Witching Hour

Book 8: Witching Bones

Book 9: A Sacred Magic

Book 10: The Eternal Return

Book 11: Sun Broken

Book 12: Witching Moon

Book 13: Autumn’s Bane

Book 14: Witching Time

Book 15: Hunter’s Moon

Book 16: Witching Fire (forthcoming)

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Hunter’s Moon