Wild Hunt Book 16

Raven faces a difficult choice when the queen of the Ante-Fae insists that she sever her friendship with Ember. Her grandfather compounds the problem when he also forces an ultimatum on her. As Raven attempts to sort out her loyalties, Vixen asks for her help--their web designer is under some sort of psychic assault from an astral creature that's draining his life force. As Raven searches for a way to save his life, her investigation leads her to Kipa's homeland to meet with one of the Force Majeure--Väinämöinen. And the ancient bard puts her squarely on the center of a crossroad that will change her life forever.

Playlist for Witching Fire

3 Doors Down: Kryptonite
Airstream: Electra (Religion Cut)
AJ Roach: Devil May Dance
Adam Lambert: Mad World
Air: Moon Fever; Napalm Love; Playground Love
Alexandros: Milk (Bleach Version)
Alice in Chains: Man in the Box; Sunshine
Amanda Blank: Something Bigger, Something Better; Might Like You Better
Android Lust: Saint Over; Here and Now
Arch Leaves: Nowhere to Go
Awolnation: Sial
Band of Skulls: I Know What I Am
Beastie Boys: Rhymin & Stealin; She’s Crafty; Paul Revere
The Black Angels: Currency; Evil Things; Don’t Play With Guns; Young Men Dead
Black Pumas: Sweet Conversations
Black Sabbath: Lady Evil
The Bravery: Believe
Broken Bells: The Ghost Inside
Camouflage Nights: (It Could Be) Love
Crazy Twon: Butterfly
Death Cab For Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart
Depeche Mode: Blasphemous Rumours
DJ Shah: Mellomaniac
Eastern Sun: Beautiful Being (Original Edit)
Eels: Souljacker Part 1
Everlast: Black Jesus; I Can’t Move
Faithless: Addictive
FC Kahuna: Hayling
The Feeling: Sewn
Fluke: Absurd
Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks
Garbage: Queer; #1 Crush; Push It
Gary Numan: When the Sky Bleeds, He Will Come; Dominion Day; The Angel Wars; Hybrid; Petals; Walking with Shadows; Ghost Nation; My Name is Ruin; The End of Things; I Am Dust; Splinter; We’re The Unforgiven
Gorillaz: Dare: Demon Days; Hongkongaton; Clint Eastwood; Stylo
Imagine Dragons: Natural
Low: Witches; Plastic Cup; Half Light
Marconi Union: First Light; Alone Together; We Travel; Weightless
Matt Corby: Breathe
Orgy: Social Enemies; Blue Monday
Outasight: The Boogie; The Bounce
A Pale Horse Named Death: Meet the Wolf
Pati Yang: All That is Thirst
People in Planes: Vampire
Puddle of Mudd: Psycho
Robin Schulz: Sugar
Rue du Soleil: We Can Fly; Le Francaise; Wake Up Brother; Blues Du Soleil
Screaming Trees: Where the Twain Shall Meet; All I Know
Shriekback: The Shining Path; Underwaterboys; Go Bang; Big Fun; This Big Hush; Agony Box; Bollo Rex; And the Rain; Wiggle and Drone; Now These Days Are Gone; The King in the Tree
Tamyrn: While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming; Violet’s in a Pool
Trills: Speak Loud
Vive La Void: Devil
Warchild: Ash
Wendy Rule: Let the Wind Blow
Zero 7: In the Waiting Line

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Witching Fire