Follow the lives of Ember and Herne, and Raven and Kipa, through the epic adventure of the Wild Hunt, a divine agency set up to keep the peace between the warring Fae Courts. From tackling monsters to hate groups to angry goddesses, the crew of the Wild Hunt create bonds that will last a lifetime and beyond.

NOTE: If you buy the complete collection bundled together (through this page's link) you will receive it for almost half off! You will receive all 3 Collections (Collection 1, Collection 2, and Collection 3), which include all 18 Wild Hunt books plus a bonus short story:

The Silver Stag, Oak & Thorns, Iron Bones, A Shadow of Crows, The Hallowed Hunt, The Silver Mist, Witching Hour, Witching Bones, A Sacred Magic, The Eternal Return, Sun Broken, Witching Moon,  Autumn's Bane, Witching Time, Hunter's Moon, Witching Fire, Veil of Stars, Antlered Crown, and the bonus short story: Ember & the Babies.

Note: You can only buy the collections through my personal bookstore--there will be no collections for sale on any of the other vendors. But by buying through my bookstore (which uses Bookfunnel to deliver the e-books), you can read them on all the various e-reader devices. At this time there will be no hardcover/print anthologies of the Wild Hunt Collections.

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Wild Hunt Collection Books 1-18

One thought on “Wild Hunt Collection Books 1-18

  • 03/10/2024 at 10:07 am

    Is there any way to get Ember & the babies story. I have already purchased all 18 books through Amazon Kindle bookstore. I loved the series.


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