Life isn't easy when you bear the mark of the Silver Stag...

Typhon, the Father of Dragons, is rising, and in his wake so are throngs of the departed. Amid the fallout, a serial killer who has been possessed by Typhon emerges, targeting necromancers, psychics, and anyone who can control or deal with the dead. The deputy mayor approaches Herne and the Wild Hunt, asking for their help.

Ember and the Wild Hunt head out on the trail of the killer, only to find themselves drawn into the dark underbelly of the Vampire Nation as they try to prevent the assassin from striking again. But the killer’s far more dangerous than anyone predicted, and the next target is Raven BoneTalker. Can Ember and Herne keep her safe, or will the killer slide beneath their radar and claim Raven as the next victim?

Series Reading Order:
1. The Silver Stag
2. Oak & Thorns
3. Iron Bones
4. A Shadow of Crows
5. The Hallowed Hunt
6. The Silver Mist
7. Witching Hour (An Ante-Fae Adventure)
8. Witching Bones (An Ante-Fae Adventure)
9. A Sacred Magic
10. The Eternal Return
11. Sun Broken
12. Witching Season (An Ante-Fae Adventure) --Coming Soon

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Playlist for Sun Broken

Air: Moon Fever; Playground Love; Napalm Love
Airstream: Electra (Religion Cut)
Ben Howard: Esmerelda; Oats in the Water; To Be Alone; Burgh Island
The Black Angels: Currency; Hunt Me Down; Death March; Indigo Meadow; Don’t Play With Guns; Always Maybe; Black isn’t Black
Black Mountain: Queens Will Play; Buried by the Blues
Brandon & Derek Fiechter: Night Fairies; Toll Bridge; Will-O’-Wisps; Black Wolf’s Inn; Naiad River; Mushroom Woods
The Bravery: Believe
Broken Bells: The Ghost Inside
Camouflage Nights: (It Could Be) Love
Colin Foulke: Emergency
Crazy Town: Butterfly
Danny Cudd: Double D; Remind; Once Again; Timelessly Free; To The Mirage
David Bowie: Golden Years; I’m Afraid of Americas; Let’s Dance; Sister Midnight
Death Cab For Cutie: I Will Possess Your Heart
Dizzi: Dizzi Jig; Dance of the Unicorns; Galloping Horse
DJ Shah: Mellomaniac
Don Henley: Dirty Laundry; Sunset Grill; The Garden of Allah; Everybody Knows
Eastern Sun: Beautiful Being
Eels: Love of the Loveless; Souljacker Part 1
Eminem: I’m Back
Faun: Hymn to Pan; Punagra; Sieben
FC Kahuna: Hayling
The Feeling: Sewn
Flora Cash: You’re Somebody Else
Fluke: Absurd
Foo Fighters: The Pretender; Come Alive; All My Life
Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks
Garbage: Queer; Only Happy When It Rains; #1Crush; Push It; I Think I’m Paranoid
Gary Numan: Dominion Day; Prophecy; Dead Heaven; Hybrid; Cars; Soul Protection; Confession; My World Storm; Dream Killer; Petals; Ghost Nation; My Name Is Ruin; Pray For The Pain You Serve; I Am Dust
Godsmack: Voodoo
The Gospel Whisky Runners: Muddy Waters
The Hang Drum Project: Shaken Oak; St. Chartier
Hang Massive: Omat Odat; Released Upon Inception; Thingless Things; Boat Ride; Transition to Dreams: End of Sky; Warmth of the Sun’s Rays; Luminous Emptiness
Hedningarna: Ukkonen
The Hu: The Gereg; Wolf Totem
Imagine Dragons: Natural
In Strict Confidence: Snow White; Tiefer
J Rokka: Marine Migration
Jessica Bates: The Hanging Tree
Low: Witches; Nightingale; After Hours; Plastic Cup; Half-Light
Many Rivers Ensemble: Blood Moon; Oasis; Upwelling; Emergence
Marconi Union: First Light; Alone Together; Flying (In Crimson Skies); Always Numb; Time Lapse; On Reflection; Broken Colours; We Travel; Weightless; Weightless Pt. 2; Weightless Pt. 3; Weightless Pt. 4; Weightless Pt. 5; Weightless Pt. 6
Matt Corby: Breathe
Nirvana: Lithium; About A Girl; Come As You Are; Lake of Fire; You Know You’re Right
Orgy: Social Enemies; Orgy
Pati Yang: All That is Thirst
Red Venom: Let’s Get It On
Rue du Soleil: We Can Fly; Le Francaise; Wake Up Brother; Blues Du Soleil
Screaming Trees: Where The Twain Shall Meet; All I  know
Shriekback: The Shining Path; Underwater Boys; Over the Wire; This Big Hush; Agony Box; Bollo Rex; Putting All The Lights Out; The Fire Has Brought Us Together; Shovelheads; And the Rain; Wiggle & Drone; Now These Days Are Gone; The King in the Tree
Spiderbait: Shazam!
Tamaryn: While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming; Violet’s In A Pool
Thomas Newman: Dead Already
Tom Petty: Mary Jane’s Last Dance
Trills: Speak Loud
Tuatha Dea: Tuatha De Danaan
The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
Vive la Void: Devil
Wendy Rule: Let the Wind Blow
Yoshi Flower: Brown Paper Bag

Sun Broken

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