Cauldron of Changes

Thank you for visiting the Cauldron of Changes web site. This site is the official page for the Cauldron of Changes Tradition, Yasmine’s tradition, located in the Seattle WA area.

The Cauldron of Changes includes a small group of eclectic, shamanic witches and pagans have come together in friendship. We aren’t exactly a strict coven, but we’ve worked together in one way or another for years. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, we’ve been working more solitary again, given that several of us are immuno-compromised.

The Cauldron of Changes Blog and Tradition is run by Yasmine Galenorn, who has been in the Craft for over 40 years. 

This tradition is pagan, not Wiccan, and focused on revering the Gods, celebrating the Sabbats and esbats, and on working shamanic, eclectic magic. While we take the Gods, our magic, and path seriously, we do have a lot of fun with it, and are at times terribly irreverent, so a sense of humor is absolutely necessary.

We are bringing you this web site to offer information about the Craft and related subjects from our perspective. There is no need to write to us if you don’t agree–just move on to the next web site. Any irritating/angry email will be ignored/deleted without comment.