July: Vine Moon

July arrives with lazy days and leaves with the sense that summer, while still around us, is running on borrowed time. During this month we enjoy the bounty of the season. Therefore, in honor of the sense of freedom July brings to our hearts, we stretch our minds out to the world to strengthen our connections with the Universe.

For this month’s moon ritual you need nothing more than a blanket and a few free minutes. Spread your blanket under the night sky as the moon rises full. If you like, bring with you your favorite crystal, wand, or other sacred object.

As you lay back on your blanket, staring at the stars, let your mind drift out to the Universe, try to connect with the celestial power that shines down to mingle with the beauty of the Earth around you.

Focus on your connection within this great cosmos of ours, and feel your energy unite with all of the planets, stars, and other life forms that make up our galaxy, and sense your interconnection to the great chain we call life.

Affirmation for the Vine Moon: I sense my connection to the Universe.