Yasmine’s Deities:

Mielikki: Finnish Goddess of the Forest and Dark Fae, Goddess of the Hunt. I’ve been pledged to Mielikki since Feb 29, 1980, and she has pushed me in finding my deeper connection to magick, especially to Fae and nature magick. She’s a huntress, she’s not always peaceful, though she does embody the energy of the forest–in all its aspects, as well as the energy of the dark, ancient Fae who exist in the lakes and rivers, in the woodlands and caverns.

Tapio: Lord of the woodlands and forest, Tapio is Mielikki’s consort and he rules over the forests and high mountains. He runs with the wolf and the stag, and is essentially a god of the hunt. He’s a protective god, and jovial, and he brought us our guardian elk–Krikki.

Rauni: Rauni is the mother of the pantheon, the “Mother of All Mothers” and she’s basically queen of the castle, and keeper of the cauldron. She’s organized, mature, a goddess of lightning and the rowan tree, of agriculture, and she’s a stern but fair voice in my magickal work.

Ukko: Ukko, sometimes known as Ukko-Jumala, is the Finnish father of the pantheon. He’s the sky father to Rauni’s earth mother, and he carries with him the thunder and lightning, storms and snow and ice, and the energy of the aurora borealis. His messengers are the eagle and hawk and swan, the blue butterfly, and the wolf. The Swan Maidens of Ukko–air spirits–attend him, much like the Valkyrie.

Brighid: Brighid and Mielikki have both been with me throughout numerous lifetimes, as I’ve split time between countries in my other lives. I’ve been told this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity–thanks to the internet–to know about both of them, and follow them both in the same lifetime. Brighid is my muse, and along with Ukko–she drives my writing. I also work with her for health.

Carol Shannon’s Deities:

As my bio mentions, I work with three deities.

Pluto, to whom I am a high priestess, is interested in anything to do with transformation, and manifesting things. He has been the one pushing me to expand my astrological practice, because of the transformational power it can bring for people. He has the most to say in a conscious sense; you could say he’s the most talkative, and the most protective of my safety. He is traditionally known as the god of the Underworld, and he rules over the spheres of death and transformation.

Thetis is the second most communicative, although she tends to send me a combination of feelings and words. Being an embodiment of Mother Ocean, she is possibly the most ancient of the three, and she is interested in anything to do with calming emotions, and healing. When I’ve been sick, or in emotional pain, or helping others deal with these things, she is very much a presence. She guided me to learn heart-centered meditation, which I believe saved my life.

Mab (also known as Maeve, Medb, Meadhbh) is a Celtic goddess of Fae. For me, she tends to come to my dreams more than the others. I have really had to learn to tune into my spirit senses in order the “hear” her, although she certainly can make herself heard when she wants. She is interested in my connection to nature, especially the forest, and birds, which are a fascination to me. Lately, she has been pushing me to learn herbal and plant spirit medicine. She tells me she has known the women on my mother’s side of the family down through the centuries, who have all been magic-workers, with nature and plants especially. None of my three deities seem to be particularly interested in rituals, as a rule, although there have definitely been exceptions. Mostly, I just focus on listening to them, and during meditations or healings, I have had all three come through me.