October: Hunter’s Moon

In preparation for the winter, for the introspective time of the year, we seek to clean out the old, to clear away the cobwebs. This month, we focus on cleansing our ritual spaces for the darker days to come.

Our first step is to collect all old spell workings and discard in a proper manner. Then thoroughly clean all of your ritual tools (while you’re at it, dust and organize the rest of your living space too), and wash your altar cloths. Smudge the space with sage or cedar.

After you have done this, light a stick of frankincense, cast a Circle and invoke those Gods and Goddesses with whom you share your life. Allow the energy to settle around you as you focus on the coming months. We are entering the time of thought, of cerebral activity. For some, school awaits. For others, the winter months are those spent cooped up inside due to inclement weather.

Now is a good time to take stock of your goals and to plan ahead for the approaching winter. What do you want to accomplish?

Affirmation for the Hunter’s: My mind is alert, I observe with keen insight.