Color Chart

Black: banishing, hexing, cleansing, scrying into hidden issues

Blue, Dk: joy, creativity, group efforts, peace, communications

Blue, Lt: devotion, inspiration, peace, tranquillity

Brown: money, business, home-hunting, earth rituals

Gold: success, sun, God rituals, fortune, good luck

Green: prosperity, fertility, good fortune, renewal, earth rituals

Indigo: deep meditation, karma work, opening psychic powers

Magenta: swift changes, beauty

Orange: power, healing, stimulation, success, Sun rituals

Pink: love, platonic love, friendship, kindness, emotional healing

Purple: wisdom, contact with spirits, opening psychic powers

Red: passion, love, sex, courage, vitality, force    of will, victory

Silver:        Moon rituals, Goddess rituals, fortune, good luck

White:       purification, healing, can substitute for any color, lunar rituals

Yellow: communications, intellect, healing, swift changes