April: Wind Moon

The Wind Moon of April is a good time to let the fresh breezes blow through to remove stagnation. A few days before your ritual, thoroughly clean your house and make a list of things that have been cluttering your life, on an emotional or psychic level.

For the full moon, decorate your altar with a white cloth, fresh flowers, and a bottle of sparkling water. Also have handy either wind chimes or a beautiful-sounding bell. Light a lavender colored candle.

Cast a circle and invoke a God or Goddess of the Sky. One by one, read each aloud each item from your list, and imagine what it would feel like to be rid of it. Close your eyes, imagine the wind comes sweeping through to carry it away. Ring the bell three times and say:

End to clutter, end to strife
Remove stagnation from my life
Tinkling breeze blow through my rite
Bring clarity and brilliant light.

Then take a sip of the sparkling water. Proceed through your list, and when you are finished, burn the list and cast the ashes to the winds.

Affirmation for the Wind Moon: My path is clear, free from obscurity.