August: Corn Moon

As Lughnasadh, the harvest of grain and corn, arrives we begin to think about the coming autumn and winter. During August, we focus on tying up loose ends, on readying ourselves for the time of sacrifice. Before the harvest can be reaped, we must rid ourselves of excess clutter.

Decorate your altar with a golden cloth, ears of corn, and a chalice of wine. Have ready a cauldron or stainless steel bowl in which you can burn paper, and a black candle. Cast a circle and invoke your Gods and Goddesses, and light the candle.

Prepare a list of those things you are ready to sacrifice from your life for this season, for example: giving up the need for constant control in one’s life, sacrificing the need for perfection.

When you have your list, then focus on letting go of these unnecessary impediments from your life, and touch the paper to the candle flame. Drop into the cauldron and offer them to the spirit of the first Harvest. Be sure to have water nearby in case of an unforeseen accident.

Affirmation for the Corn Moon: I sacrifice that which is no longer useful in my life.