March: Hare Moon

During March we hunger for the scent of freshly plowed earth, the touch of green grass. This month the winds come sweeping through, and the electricity of new life fills the air.

This full moon take a hard cooked egg and, on the shell, paint runes and symbols to represent something you want to see happen in your life. When dry, take the egg, a small clay pot, a handful of nasturtium seeds and a trowel out into a patch of woods.

Cast a circle and invoke your Gods and Goddesses. Fill the pot with soil. Hold the egg and focus on the creative force of the Goddess, the strength of your desire. Place in the pot. Next, hold the nasturtium and focus on the generative force of nature, the force of the God. Circle the egg with the seeds. Cover with soil and say:

Mother’s Egg and Father’s Seed
Bring to me what I desire
Quicken now my wish and will
By powers of earth, air, water and fire.

Take the pot home and keep watered. When the flowers begin to grow, plant in your garden.

Affirmation for the Hare Moon: I embody the power of growth.