Carol ShannonHi! I’m Carol Shannon and I’m an astrologer, pagan, and a practicing witch. I practice transformational astrology, which means that I use astrology to help my clients understand life on an energetic, spiritual level.  My astrological readings draw on my pagan and magickal perspective, and can help you to transform different areas of your life

Depending on your interests, these readings may help you clarify how unresolved past life issues might be impeding your current life experiences. Or, we can focus on simply describing how the energies within your life, as shown in your chart, are interacting with the overall astrological movements that are currently impacting your life, as well as how to work with them for positive outcomes.

Some of the things we can cover in a chart reading are:

  • How unresolved past-life issues might be impeding your current life experiences.
  • How the astrological energies influencing your chart are currently impacting your life.

With either choice, we will focus on how to work with these energies for a positive outcome in your life.

I’ve been studying astrology for 35 years and am now branching into a professional venture with it. I’m a priestess of Pluto, Thetis, and Mab, and I have a M.A. degree in organizational psychology.

If you are interested in scheduling an astrological reading with me, I can offer the following:

Birth chart analysis  $195.00; other questions negotiable.

(Note: right now, I have limited time available, so there may be a wait of 2 – 4 weeks for an appointment, depending on my schedule).  Please email me at: namaste50 AT comcast DOT net.

Bright blessings to you!