Are Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism related to Satanism in any form?

No.  Satanism is a reaction against the Christian religion and therefore has its basis in that tradition.  Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism are all earth-centric religions and have their roots in pre-Judeo-Christian cultures.  None of the three accept the existence of Satan as an entity, although certain pantheons do accept the existence of negative (i.e. evil) entities.  The concept of the devil was created by the Church in order to establish a stronghold over its subjects through the use of fear, and is actually a perverted view of the Horned God of Nature, sometimes known by name as Herne, or Cernunnos.


What does being a Witch mean?

You can be Pagan and follow the old Gods without working magic.  Or you can study as a Witch and work with magic, as well as being a follower of the Pagan path.  Wicca is different than general Witchcraft, though the two are similar in many ways.


I want to be a Witch.  What should I do next?

Read the books on our recommended reading list.  Then, read more books. After you know more about the different traditions, practice the rituals and spells but do not dabble—either commit or walk away.  Remember, you do not need an established Witch to initiate you, you don’t need to join a coven.  If the path of the Witch is truly right for you, then you will study on your own if need be, and you will learn from your experiences. It is our belief that everyone needs some solitary time to practice.

AND REMEMBER, DON’T GIVE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY TO ANYONE WHO PROMISES TO ‘MAKE YOU A WITCH’ IF YOU PAY THEM XXX DOLLARS.  That’s not what Witchcraft is about.  Covens have a right to charge for dues in order to recoup expenses, and teachers and tarot readers have the right to earn their living through their classes and seminars and readings, but if they are legitimate, they won’t take unfair advantage of you.

I want to cast a love spell to make someone fall in love with me.  How do I do this?

Manipulating anyone through magic this way is bound to backfire on you.  Instead, cast a spell asking the Goddess (or the Universe, if you prefer) to send the RIGHT PARTNER to you.  It may not be who you want it to be at first, but won’t you be happier in the long run with the right partner instead of the one who you’ve cajoled into an unwilling relationship?

Where can I meet other pagans and Witches?

Check your local metaphysical shops.  They may have a bulletin board for contacts.  If you  have a Unitarian Church in your town, they might have a chapter of CUUPs, which is a nationwide association affiliated with the Unitarian Church.  There are many pagan Websites on the Internet that have contact pages for email and or  other meetings.  Please be aware that there are troublemakers in any religion, as well as perverts, and protect yourself accordingly.

I need money.  So-and-so said if I pay them $100 they’ll cast a prosperity spell for me.  Should I give them the money?

No.  If you need money, then you shouldn’t be paying someone large amounts in hopes they will cast a spell for you.

Will you take me on as an acolyte?

No, I’m sorry–I do not have time to take on acolytes (Yasmine speaking here).

Do you know of a store near me that has supplies?

Check our links for potential shopping sites.

Can Witches make things levitate or change their looks like in the movie The Craft?

Levitation has been documented but it’s generally not a practice most Witches attempt simply because it’s:  a) far too time-consuming to sit there for hours and days and weeks as you attempt to exercise the mental discipline to learn how to do this….and b) it’s far less energy-intensive to just get up and turn on a light switch rather.  As far as changing your looks, well, glamour spells do work. HOWEVER–and this is a BIG however–you must realize that confidence and attitude go a long ways in altering and enhancing your looks.  A good hairstyle, a touch of make-up, a new dress and then a glamour spell will do far more than any attempt to make one’s self over through magic.  IN OTHER WORDS, you aren’t going to look like your favorite movie star unless you have a similar bone structure and figure.  And why would you want that?  Why be a carbon copy when you can enhance your own looks and be unique and individual.

I’m being cursed, I have an insect infestation.  I’m being hexed, my coworker doesn’t like me.  I’m being jinxed, my husband left me.  I’m being psychically attacked, I’m very sick and I’m a good person.  Can you do a spell for me to remove the curse?

  1. A) Keep your house cleaner and call a good exterminator.
  2. B) A lot of people don’t like a lot of other people. Figure out what you did to contribute to the situation and realize that not everyone in life is going to like you. If they are truly causing problems do a binding spell (found in many many magical books, not just mine).  Do not write to us and ask us to send you directions for one OR to cast one for you, please.
  3. C) Do you really want him back—if he’s cheating or a jerk or abused you, think twice before bothering to go after him. And…did you do something to cause him to leave? Is he worth retrieving or maybe should you go on with your life? Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and sadly, you are probably just one of the statistics and there’s likely no jinx or hex about it.
  4. D) This is the hardest one to address. I’m sorry…but realize that bad things do happen to good people and it’s often absolutely NO reflection on the person, and it’s not a hex or curse. Life sometimes just sucks and so many people want a reason, when there isn’t one.  We all have our burdens to bear, some more than others.  You learn to accept it, push to the full extent of your limitations, then just accept that you can only do so much about a situation. If you truly ARE being psychically attacked, there are numerous good books out there on psychic protection.

On the chance you ARE being psychically attacked, please check our recommended reading list for good books on the subject of psychic self-defense.

We have had to institute a policy that we cannot personally cast spells or get involved with people’s individual problems unless one of the blog members offers services. You will be expected to pay the requested amount for those services (like astrology, etc).  We will do our best to refer you to books that might help you, but we are not here to solve your problems.

The energy works better if you or a good friend who is personally involved with your situation casts the spell, anyway.  And always, always ask yourself, is magic what is needed here?  Do you perhaps simply need someone to talk to?  A therapist?  A friend?  Do you lock your doors and make sure your wallet is safe?  Protection spells won’t do any good if you don’t do that.  Make sure you are doing all you can on the practical level before approaching magic for a solution.  It’s the only logical and reasonable thing to do.

Remember, the Gods help those who help themselves.

How do I know which God or Goddess I’m to be pledged to?

You may not ever be meant to be pledged to one particular God/dess, that is the first thing you should take into consideration.  Not all Witches and Pagans find that particular route a comfortable one or a path that they need to be on.  It’s a difficult and demanding path, and one must never give an oath in haste because oaths are binding, and should you get bored or drift away from it, that oath still stands and your patron deity may not appreciate your lack of enthusiasm or attention.

Having said that, the only way I can explain it is that the Gods choose you.  You don’t choose them.  If a God or Goddess calls you personally, you will know it, there will be no doubt about it. The Gods don’t mess around, if they want you, they will let you know. And in our experience, the gods call whom they choose/will, regardless of traditions or background.