September: Harvest Moon

 September, with Mabon, brings our Harvest and Thanksgiving festival. We have worked hard through the season of growth and now enter a period of transition to the less active, more internal part of the year. This month our moon ritual focuses on celebration and sharing.

Gather friends together if you can, and have each person bring food to donate to your local food bank. Create a colorful altar with gourds and apples and bottles of port and sherry. Cast a circle and invoke the God and Goddess.

Place all the donated food in the center of the circle and join hands. Say:

Lady of the Silver Moon, Lord of the Golden Sun,
Join our rites this Harvest Night, in laughter let your will be done.
Bless this food we’ve gathered here, for those in want and need.
As we walk the ancient paths, let our hearts reflect our deeds.

After you’ve blessed the food, drink a toast to the season, the Gods, and each other. Share a potluck dinner and then distribute the donations to the charities of your choice.

Affirmation for the Harvest Moon: I give thanks for and enjoy the bounty that life offers.